SOVI x GAMESTARTER [Strategic Partnership Annoucement]

SOVI is proud to announce their newest partnership with Gamestarter, an NFT-based crowdfunding platform and marketplace.

SOVI is the very first blockchain based Defi revolution simulation strategy game that allows users to build up their own army and apply strategies in order to win the game and gain real valuable assets.

Gamestarter empower indie game developers to raise funds in a decentralized manner by selling digital game items as liquid NFTs. In other words, They are building an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace that lets people access in-game NFTs of the hottest indie games. ‍

With this partnership, Sovi Finance will conduct a part of it’s IDO launch through Gamestarter’s platform as well.

Gamestarter is built to empower both — creators and gamers, and Sovi Finance ticks both those boxes.

Futher, Gamestarter’s SHO on DAO Maker is coming soon. With Gamestarter’s extensive relationship, Sovi will be able to reach more friends. Sovi is keen to explore various partnership opportunities of a potential listing along with activities on Gamestarter’s in the near future.

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About Sovi Finance is a revolutionary platform that combines the empowering aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the exhilarating features of a simulation strategy game. As a result, SOVI allows game players and crypto enthusiasts everywhere to join in the new financial revolution by earning digital assets, creating NFTs, and by simply taking part in a fun and fully interactive gaming world.

✅Information about the SOVI project:

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About Gamestarter

Gamestarter lets indie games fundraise by selling digital game items as liquid NFTs. We add liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to the largest entertainment industry in the world.

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