SOVI x MARS [Strategic Partnership Announcement]

✨SOVI establishes partnership with Mars Ecosystem✨

SOVI.Finance is glad to announce to our community a partnership agreement with Mar Ecosystem — Decentralized Stablecoin Ecosystem

The partnership will benefit both parties as together help maintain their future developments and growth community, sharing information, marketing support, and more.

In addition, this cooperation aims to promote the ability to develop the ecosystem of both sides. SOVI can use MarsSwap to provide liquidity for SOVI tokens. Based on USDM — a stablecoin in Mars ecosystem as an ideal store of value & exchange system for SOVI.Finance’s Defi. We also plan to launch IDO on Mars platform

About Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is a new decentralized stablecoin paradigm, it integrates the creation and use of stablecoin into the same system. Mars Ecosystem consists of three parts: Mars Treasury, Mars Stablecoin and Mars DeFi protocols, which together form a positive feedback loop. Mars stablecoin is price-stable, capital-efficient, scalable and decentralized. XMS is the governance token in Mars Ecosystem.The goal of Mars Ecosystem is to build the central bank and reserve currency of the DeFi world.


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About Sovi Finance is a revolutionary platform that combines the empowering aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the exhilarating features of a simulation strategy game. As a result, SOVI allows game players and crypto enthusiasts everywhere to join in the new financial revolution by earning digital assets, creating NFTs, and by simply taking part in a fun and fully interactive gaming world.

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